Success and innovation

Excellent discussion at SLCC’s Practitioner’s conference today on innovation and success in local councils.

On a straw poll, more councils were considered successful than were considered innovative: so does a council need to be innovative at all to be successful? Perhaps they are overlapping circles: some councils are successful without being innovative, some are innovative without being successful but most successful councils are innovative.

An interesting discussion followed on what defines a ‘successful’ local council: contributions from the floor seemed to emphasize building blocks like good governance or sound finances rather than outcomes.

Among the many strong contributions from the floor were the importance of pro-active councillors (as well as staff), the criticality of councillor: staff relationships and the need for good governance.

We also considered how success in the sector could be multiplied. There was a suggestion that a ‘toolkit’ which made it easy for councils to easily see a way to ‘success’ which worked for them would be helpful.

Comgov will be producing a discussion document based on today’s session which will be posted in this web site.

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